Playing our part at the heart of the local community

For many years the church was at the heart of the local community, but then this changed with the church often marginalised. However the last few years have seen this trend reversed and the church being again at the heart of the local community. This is true for Hope Church as well as for many others in Luton and across the country.

For us a major factor enabling us to play our part has been the grants we have received from a number of different organisations to enable us to improve our facilities to help us serve the community. The largest grant was received from WREN, which gave us £45,000, this was added to by two other charities giving us £50,000 in total to upgrade our heating, electrical and PA system; purchase new chairs and introduce external signage and curtains. We have also received smaller grants totally £3,000 from Luton Borough Council which was used to equip our kitchen and to install storage in the basement.

With the refurbishment complete we have been able to serve the community through regular activities organised by the church such as a drop in on Monday and Wednesdays; a debt advice centre; various youth, students and twenties activities; courses for ourselves and the wider public as well as regular worship services. We have also been able to host other members of the community who use our facilities for language classes; weddings and funerals; games clubs; dance clubs, open mic nights and special events such as conferences.

It is a joy to see us being able to play our part at the centre of the vibrant Luton Community.


People of Hope: Gordon & Nicola

If you have noticed a baby boy with slightly older parents, it is probably Isaac, and his parents Gordon and Nicola. Since our marriage in 1993 we wanted a child, yet remained childless. We were often reminded of God’s promise to the 99 year-old Abraham that he would have a son, and this gave us hope. Isaac’s birth one year ago has brought us joy and laughter, and has made us realise how faithful God is!

Gordon & Nicola Dailey


People of Hope: Carolyn

My Name is Carolyn. I’m 27 (soon to be 28), was born in  Luton and have lived here all my life. I would say the events over the last 2 years of my life have heavily contributed to where I am today.

My brother was a massive influence in my spiritual growth, he was there for me in my lowest time and introduced me to the Lord.  I was somewhat sceptical in the beginning but as events went on, I soon believed there was too much “coincidence” in all that happened.

The main breakthrough for me was a last minute trip to Jamaica to visit my sick father, who was a born again Christian.  In his illness he could hardly talk, he couldn’t move, but however 3 clear words he did say was “Thank-you Jesus.” He would repeat this over and over.  I ended up being in Jamaica for a month,  I made my declaration whilst I was there that I was a daughter of Christ and wanted to live my life as such.

It gave me a new lease of life and made me thankful for all I do have, and as much as I complained about things in my life, compared to a lot of other people I live a life of luxury and should stop being selfish. Something that helped me with this conclusion and in fact prompted my declaration was a book called “Disciple” by the author Juan Carlos Ortiz.

Every time my brother came to Luton we would go to one particular local church.  But my dilemma was that I wanted to find a church I could attend alone, all the time I attended this church, not once did someone speak to us, or welcome us! I tried a few other church’s but was never driven to go to a service alone.

One Sunday my brother and family were down and he had seen Hope Church on the internet and we decided to visit.  As soon as we got there we sat down and were greeted by Jane, who was very friendly and welcoming. I think for me at that time, I was keen to attend an Alpha Course which was being run at that time, and the fact that I was made to feel so welcome, it was a part of my journey to visit Hope Church then on that day.

I attended the Alpha Course and met some amazing people, I have been baptized and now 8 months later I am still attending Hope Church alone (when I’m not at work), I leave the house and come to church alone, but when I get there am greeted by people I now call friends.

For me in my journey, where I have come from I have friends, but none of them are saved, so it was very important for me to find somewhere I could meet friends in a church to aid my spiritual growth.  And Hope Church does exactly that for me.

Carolyn Johnson


People of Hope: Reynold & Dionne Ransome

My wife and I first attended Hope Church on a September morning of 2012.  From the moment we arrived at the main entrance we were kindly greeted in a very welcoming and warm manner, which has been the staple of any attendance to service we make.

It is very nice to see the involvement of the youth/young adults and the maturity to which they recognise and worship God as sovereign. This indeed in our humble view is the results of the example of church leadership that exist and the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit.

At cell group we meet many friendly people who we now call friends, that have supported us in prayer, spend time in the Word for edification and invited us to enjoyable social events.  We hope and know that we will continue at Hope Church and support where possible joyfully as far as the Lord has planned for us.  Thank you for welcoming us.

Reynold & Dionne Ransome