A Lent Challenge

Read The Gospel Of Mark During Lent

Next week is the beginning of lent, marked by Shrove Tuesday which is followed by Ask Wednesday. Traditionally Lent is a 40 day period to help us prepare ourselves for the great Christian Festival of Easter.

Over the last few years numbers of people have kept some kind of lent observance. I have known people give up TV for lent, or chocolate. I’m not totally sure how this prepares us for Easter, other than to appreciate even more an abundance of chocolate Easter Eggs.

I would like to propose a different lent challenge, for us to read the gospel of Mark during lent. Below is a suggestion of how you might do this. However feel free to approach this challenge in the way that best suits your circumstances. The important thing is not how you do it, but that you read Mark’s gospel between now and Easter Sunday on April 5th.

I will be preaching from Mark’s gospel during March and following each preach I will be giving out some questions to help you get deeper into the truths contained in the wonderful little book.

Easter is the climax of the Christian year; please join me in this challenge to prepare well for it.

With Love



Reading plan for Mark’s Gospel

Week one – Wednesday 18 February

Wednesday: Mark 1.1–13

Thursday: Mark 1.14–28

Friday: Mark 1.29–45

Saturday: Mark 2.1–17

Week two – Monday 23 February

Monday: Mark 2.18–28

Tuesday: Mark 3.1–12

Wednesday: Mark 3.13–35

Thursday: Mark 4.1–20

Friday: Mark 4.21–34

Saturday: Mark 4.35–41

Week three – Monday 2 March

Monday: Mark 5.1–20

Tuesday: Mark 5.21–43

Wednesday: Mark 6.1–13

Thursday: Mark 6.14–29

Friday: Mark 6.30–56

Saturday: Mark 7.1–23

Week four – Monday 9 March

Monday: Mark 7.24–37

Tuesday: Mark 8.1–21

Wednesday: Mark 8.22—9.1

Thursday: Mark 9.2–29

Friday: Mark 9.30–50

Saturday: Mark 10.1–16

Week five – Monday 16 March

Monday: Mark 10.17–34

Tuesday: Mark 10.35–52

Wednesday: Mark 11.1–11

Thursday: Mark 11.12–33

Friday: Mark 12.1–17

Saturday: Mark 12.18–37

Week six – Monday 23 March

Monday: Mark 12.38–44

Tuesday: Mark 13.1–23

Wednesday: Mark 13.24–37

Thursday: Mark 14.1–11

Friday: Mark 14.12–31

Saturday: Mark 14.32–52

Week seven – Monday 30 March

Monday: Mark 14.53–72

Tuesday: Mark 15.1–20

Wednesday: Mark 15.21–39

Thursday: Mark 15.40–47

Friday: Mark 16.1–8a

Saturday: Mark 16.8b–20



Tony Thompson is the leader of Hope Church Luton.  He works full time for the church and is married to Anne and they have 2 sons.

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